Joe Paloski
for Mahoning County Commissioner

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  1. Canfield Township is now a part of Ohio Open Checkbook. Transparency with our budget.
  2. Purchased new plow truck which enhances our road department's ability to provide safe roads for residents.
  3. Reduction in spending on our safety forces while maintaining the same level of protection. We had only a total of eight incidents in June 2017. This is a testament to the safety of our community.
  4. During my time as trustee, we paved 8 roads. No roads were paved in the two years prior to my term.
  5. Currently, there no levies in Canfield Township. We work within our budget and invest our funds for additional revenue.
  6. Home values increased by 9.1% in Canfield Township from a current value of $738.4 million to $805.4 million. Agriculture property increased by 7.1%. These were the highest increases in property value in Mahoning County.
  7. Canfield Township now participates in the Mahoning County Land Bank
  8. Great regional relationships with other townships and county officials
  9. Completed Starr Centre/Old Tippecanoe Court Phase I project in conjunction with the Mahoning County Engineer's Office for $572,163.00 with a grant from the Ohio Public Works Department. It helped relieve traffic issues with the creation of left turns lanes in the area, repaved the road and replaced old pipes and catch basins.
  10. We obtained funding for Starr Centre phase II for further improvements in the area with OPWC providing 67% of the funding. This will save the township around $147,000 on the project.
  11. Replaced the emergency generator and made improvements to Fire Station 3 on Messerly Road
  12. Awarded a street sign grant through ODOT for $4,000. Enhancing our signs reflectivity and visibility.
  13. New Water Tower on Raccoon Road and 224. It is being constructed in partnership with Canfield Township, Mahoning County and Aqua Ohio. It will hold a half million gallons. It should be in service by Fall 2018. Also, Aqua Ohio is extending water transmission lines down Leffingwell and eventually down Raccoon Road to connect to the Water Tower.
  14. Working with the ABC Water and Storm Water District to correct a drainage ditch project through the Ohio Turnpike Mitigation Program.
  15. In the future, we are working on a connecting the Mill Creek Bike Trail to Canfield Township Park.